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Team Taft - Landrunner Volunteers Needed

  • Fri, April 27, 2012
  • 3:00 PM
  • Taft Middle School, 2901 NW 23rd
Landrunner volunteers needed to run with Team Taft this Wednesday 4/25 and Friday 4/27. The running in the halls start at 4:00pm at Taft. The Bib pinning ceremony will start at 3:00pm on Friday, followed by the last hall run.

The procedures for Wednesday &  Friday at Taft:

1. Arrive at the school 10 minutes before we start(3:50 today), park in the north parking lot, go to main office & sign-in.
The office is located in the middle of the first floor.
2. Sign your name, list "Team Taft" as description, & list time in. Also sign out when you leave.
3. Wear a Landrunner shirt.
4. When running smile or say hi to as many runners as seems appropriate, maybe say something encouraging (good luck on Sunday).
5. Friday arrive at 2:50 and ask which room (on 1st floor) is bib pinning ceremony. Last year it was the south side hall, 1st room on left.
6. Pin bibs(race numbers) on shirts
7. Assist with handing out correct shirt(with bib pinned on) to the student.
8. Run halls last time before the race.

No assistance required on Sunday at the bus. There are several teachers who have been a part of the program and will assist with getting the students on the bus.

Lastly - At the race - look for the neon green shirts, again say hi to as many runners as seems appropriate, maybe say something encouraging.

- Jim
826-5435 cell

Team Taft will wrap things up with the finale this Sunday at the OKC Marathon. The following is an update of the program:
Team Taft will have approximately 50 runners in the two events on Sun., four in the half marathon, the rest in the 5K.
The bus will be at Taft at 4:30am on Sun. In addition, all Landrunners should look for the green Team Taft shirts on Sun. and encourage or congratulate the runners.
Team Taft Shirts
Red Coyote donated the shirts, they are Brooks technical, drip dry neon green running shirts. The front is the same as last year with a big Team Taft and the surviving oak tree. The back lists the three sponsors, The Landrunners, Red Coyote and Mayflower CCC (Congregational Christian Church).
The Landrunners donated $1,000 towards the registrations, provided used clothes clothes and used shoes, and Jim Hammond was the Landrunner representative at Taft. Every Taft student runner should have running shorts, tops and shoes, plus some got socks, gloves & hats - mostly donated by The Landrunners.
Red Coyote donated the shirts and about 12 pairs of returned but new running shoes.
Mayflower CCC donated $700 to be used mostly for renting the bus on Sunday.
The Program
We started in mid-September with over 100 students running the halls. However over half dropped out along the way. Offset by adding a few late joiners these past few months. The last I heard we had 54 runners in the program, maybe 50 or so will actually show up on Friday to receive their shirts(with the Bib number pinned on), and actually make the bus at 4:30am at Taft on Sun. Why did so many drop out? For a variety of reasons, possibly most notable was our emphasis on running with little or no walking as we ran the halls on Weds. and Fridays. The emphasis this year was on quality, not quantity.
On any given Weds. or Friday a little over half were present, the most notable reason was that many of the boys and girls joined the Taft track teams and they ran separately inside Taft stadium or were away at a track meet. On Weds. the better runners and the half marathoners ran three miles outside(to Will rogers Park and back). In addition the half marathoners ran/walked around Lake Hefner on two Saturdays.
Jim Hammond

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