To support health and fitness of all ages through recreational running.




The Oklahoma City Landrunners have established the following awards as a way to honor individuals or organizations who have made major contributions to the running community.

The awards focus on the Landrunner Mission Statement: 
               "To support health and fitness of all ages through recreational running."

Maybe you know someone whose dedication to the running community is consistent with the mission statement of the Landrunners. If you are a Landrunner in good standing, you may nominate someone or an organization for one of these awards. 

The individual submitting the form may only nominate a candidate in one of the two categories within the same year.  A person may nominate multiple individuals or organizations  within the same year.  A previous nomination may be resubmitted the next year.

Applications to nominate must be postmarked by June 30th.  Email the completed and signed application to or send by standard mail to Oklahoma City Running Club, P.O. Box 18113, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73154.

Process: The Landrunner Research and Recommendation Committee will review the nominees' application and will verify or resolve any discrepancies in the nominations.  The committee will make their recommendations for honoring individuals to the Landrunner's Board of Directors. The Board will have the final determination on issuing the award. Awards will be presented during the fall banquet. 

The awards do not necessarily have to be given on an annual basis.  Instead the awards can and are reserved for those individuals that meet the criteria given below.  Multiple awards in each category may be given within the same year, yet not to the same individual.

Landrunner Distinguished Service Award (DSA)

Focus:  This award is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual for his/her exceptional, sustained and unselfish contributions to the running community. 

Consideration will be given to individuals who fulfill the following criteria, as they have 
  • shown a dedication to the sport of running within the Central Oklahoma community at large, and have advanced, endorsed, supported, or promoted the Oklahoma City Landrunners' mission,
  • demonstrated a commitment to further the positive aspects of running, 
  • been or is an inspiration to other runners.
  • made recognizable contributions within the Landrunners organization, 
  • symbolized the mission of the Landrunners, and
  • a previous or current member of the Landrunners.  
Additional attachments in the form of news articles or photos will be taken into consideration, yet can not circumvent the nomination form.

The Nomination form must be postmarked by June 30th.

Landrunner Impact Award 

Focus:  Recognition of an individual or organization or a public movement effort having an immediate effect on the running community.

Consideration will be given to individuals, organizations or a public movement who fulfill the following criteria, as they have
  • demonstrated recent and unique actions,
  • provided leadership of sufficient influence  and scope to advance the sport of running in Central Oklahoma, and 
  • carried out the mission of the Landrunners through their efforts.
The nominee is not required to belong to the OKC Landrunners's organization, however must be nominated by a Landrunner in good standing.

The Nomination form must be postmarked by June 30th. 

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