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All of our apparel is machine washable. Provided you follow our washing instructions, you and your new threads can expect to live happy lives together. At least until you get tired of the coffee and blueberry danish stains you got after that 20 miler with the group and got together afterwards for tales of running from that pit bull down on Classen and decide to purchase new apparel!

Check out this design for the Landrunner  Spring 2016 Training!

Only $20.00

Available 1/2/2016 at the first training run.

Below is the design and an approximation of the shirt color.  The shirts come in short sleeve and long sleeve.

Thanks to Darrin Todaro for the design!

In Darrin's own words.

In this design, the idea was to take the Traditional Landrunners Logo and surround it with a distressed (grunge) medallion or something similar in shape to a finishers medal. The choice of Orange and Green was used to represent the transition from Fall Training (orange) to Spring Training (green). Looking closely at the design you will see that the inner ellipse and the SPRING TRAINING text have been distressed with a custom brush that I created from an image of the Murrah buildings destroyed interior after the bombing. The State of Oklahoma behind the Landrunners logo was also distressed with a custom brush I created from an image of the Oklahoma City Memorial’s Field of Empty Chairs. Like the transition of the color scheme, the choice of imagery for the distressing signifies the transition from tragedy to peace. The bottom banner is an arched impression of the Memorials Gate of Time inscription so that while we run in training for the OKCMM, we can remember the real reason as to why we are pounding the training ground. 

This is our Men's Fall 2015 T.  Below it is an enhanced view of the design.  Price reduced! 

Price:  $15.00





This is our Women's Fall 2015 T.  Below it is an enhanced view of the design.  Price reduced. 

Price:  $15.00



Men's Beanie



Women's Beanie



Men's Safety Yellow T.  Available only with the traditional logo pictured below:


Sizes limited 



Below is the logo that goes on the front and back of the safety yellow shirts.




White Traditional Landrunner shirts:


While supplies last.  




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